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Help Wanted —

March 20, 2014

Armchair Activistm

Our very own Casey (Adventures of a Part-Time Wheeler) is raising $2,769 to purchase a scooter so she can get around campus faster. You can read here more about why she has decided to bite the bullet and become the dreaded Scooter Fatty of concern troll cautionary tales. Casey has created a Go Fund Me page for people donate money or you can buy Team Gnomercy t-shirts and sweatershirts. Thanks for helping!


Celebrity Skin

April 23, 2014

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Trigger warning: Discussion of weight-loss and diet programs.

Now she’s fading, somewhere in Hollywood
I’m glad I came here with your pound of flesh.

—from “Celebrity Skin” by Hole

We’ve all heard and read about Kirstie Alley’s constant struggles to shed the pounds. Now she’s teamed up with Jenny Craig and caught flak for her comment about “not being circus fat” and just wanting to lose 30 pounds in her new commercial.

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Lawsuit Claims “Slimming” Shapewear Made False Promises

April 22, 2014

Ya think? Now, I’m not sure two women a class action lawsuit makes, but I’m sure more women will be signing on for this lawsuit. I have a problem with shapewear in general; I remember the days of dc1f5b70-c58d-11e3-9c0c-03bc94add777__7800545girdles worn to hold up stockings (I was not a fan of garter belts) and how squished they made me feel. I was overjoyed when I found pantyhose, even though I usually had to buy them a couple of sizes bigger than what the sizing on the package claimed I would wear (they were NOT made for a woman with a 32″ inseam, not back then anyway, don’t know if things are different now).

In the suit, the women claim that Wacoal’s $60 iPant and Maidenform’s $38 Flexees Instant Slimmer products mislead customers by promising to “permanently change women’s body shape and skin tone.” Both products are made with a nylon microfiber fabric called Novarel Slim, produced by a Spanish company called Nurel. Bellot and Stefani say they paid up to 50 percent premiums for this type of shapewear and were led on by false advertising. The iPant, for example claims it will “reshape your lower body in 28 days with lasting results,” according to the lawsuit, by releasing “ingredients into your skin while you move” including Vitamin E to prevent the effects of aging and caffeine to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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Devil Folk —

April 21, 2014

Fat PoliticsFat HealthFat NewsDickweed

Warning: This post is about terrible people. Terrible, awful, racist, misogynistic hate-mongers who are also pathetic cowards. I quote from terrible people and cite their terrible bullshit for reasons you’ll soon understand.

Life would be perfect if it weren’t for all of the terrible people.

Yeah, there’s always been terrible people, but the internet has given powerless, terrible people the ability to inflict their particular brand of terrible on the rest of us. In the past, terrible people were stigmatized and ostracized by the community they tormented. Society could generally avoid the terrible people if they needed to by virtue of that stigma. But the internet provides the access and anonymity necessary for terrible people to impact the lives of ordinary people. And many of these anonymous, terrible people seem to get charge out of attacking, insulting and dehumanizing fat people who dare to be anything but silent and self-loathing.

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My fat posi space

April 18, 2014

My Boring-Ass Life

IMG_1674I’ve had one hell of a week. Or two weeks. Or even a couple of months. We’ve been in the process of buying our first house and it hasn’t exactly been a cake walk. Once we got in, everything seemed to go wrong: no water, no power, no heat. We scrambled to get things done; HVAC people, plumbers, electricians and a good bit of money finally got the house in working order (I should mention she was originally build in 1945).

Then came the scrambling to get everything unpacked in the time span of a week and a half to be ready for the housewarming party that I stupidly scheduled two weeks after we moved in.

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Tequila vs. the Fat Men

April 17, 2014

There is a crazy new way to lose weight, y’all.


Just take a couple of shots a day and voila! Suddenly skinny.

This is what Atchka said to me when he read that bit.

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Roadside Assistance —

April 16, 2014

The following review is based on a review copy of the book I received from the author.

Tom Cochrane was right: life is a highway. And so is the journey to self-acceptance.

We tend to think of self-acceptance as a destination, an end to which we aspire. We see confidence as something you achieve and then never have to think of again, like a superhero in a video game acquiring a new power that is theirs to keep. But even the most confident of people can tell you that this isn’t the case. Self-acceptance and confidence is like a car rolling down the highway of life — you may have built yourself a pretty reliable vehicle, but accidents happen. And sometimes, even the most self-confident of people get a flat tire.

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Your Brain on a Diet

April 15, 2014

Weight LossFat HealthFat ScienceExerciseEating DisordersMy Boring-Ass LifeDiet Talk

Trigger warning: Discussion of diets and weight loss.

Sandra Aamodt is a neuroscientist. The video below is her TED Talk about our brains on weight loss and, in particular, about mindful eating.

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