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Mary Lambert’s Secrets Video is Amazing (That’s All)

October 17, 2014

I’m just going to leave Mary Lambert’s Secrets video here for you all.

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Put Your Hands in the Air

October 15, 2014

Today, I want to dedicate this post to someone whom I hold in high regard; someone whom I have had the explicit pleasure of meeting in real life, a true biz superstar in my profession; someone who has, just by her presence, encouraged me to not only exist in public, but to flourish. Her name is Amber Galloway Gallego.

Amber Galloway Gallego

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500 Spartans —

October 14, 2014

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As it happens, this is my 500th post for Fierce, Freethinking Fatties, the community blog I started five years ago with good omens. At the time, this blog was a reaction to my anger and frustration with what I saw as a provincial, judgmental movement that had no place for me. As with every endeavor I have ever undertaken, I expected to spark a revolution and change the way we talk about Fat Acceptance.

But a funny thing happened on the way to building the forum: this blog and its readers changed me.

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Is obesity a cancer risk?

October 13, 2014

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Is Obesity a Cancer Risk? is rather difficult to take at face value, especially when most of the co-authors have ties to pharmaceutical and diet/exercise companies. However, even without those ties and the resulting conflicts of interest, there’s a lot to deconstruct in this article. Read more…

I’m Alone Out Here: My Soylent Adventure, Part 3

October 8, 2014

Weight LossFat HealthFat ScienceExerciseEating DisordersMy Boring-Ass LifeWeight Loss SurgeryDiet Talk

Trigger warning: Discussion of dietary restrictions for reasons other than weight loss, as well as people who engage in similar restrictions for weight loss. Also, mention of eating disorders and weight loss surgery.

Check out the first and second installments of Jean’s exploration with soylent.

So, the first thing I do after reading the soylent article in the New Yorker is go to the commercial website and watch the advertisement, which gets me excited. “What if you never had to worry about food again?” A rainbow of vibrant multiracial young people go about their diverse pursuits while sipping intermittently from containers of blended soylent. They’re high-tech and vigorous, studying law, exercising, backpacking, DJing at a club (oh, and, of course, they’re all thin). Set free from the food-related chores of shopping, cooking, and kitchen cleanup, they can fully dedicate themselves to their true passions.

Oh, yeah, I want this.

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Changing Hearts is Sometimes Easier than Changing the Patterns in Our Minds

October 7, 2014

Weight LossFat PoliticsFat HealthExerciseMy Boring-Ass LifeDiet Talk

I have recently been reminded that even when we “get” it, even when we are 100% on board with the struggle to undo our culture’s fat-hating tendencies, we can still easily slip into patterns that understand fat as negative and thin as positive.

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Fat Acceptance is Terrible Because REASONS

October 6, 2014


Recently, I came across a post that blew me out of the water. Seriously it was the most disgusting combinations of words that I have read in a looong time.

Top 10 Reasons Why the Fat Acceptance Movement Should Be Ashamed of Itself.

Don’t worry about clicking the link to improve traffic, I used DoNotLink. The content, however, may just anger you though. Roll up your sleeves, y’all. Let’s dig into this bullshit!

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