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After posting Dark Horse, it has become obvious that what is missing from this discussion on dieting and the fatosphere is a definition of what is and is not diet talk.

For the purposes of clarification, as well as to set a standard by which to determine whether someone is promoting dieting vs. sharing an experience of dieting, this page will serve as the guidelines for what kinds of “diet talk” are permitted both on Fierce, Freethinking Fatties, as well as on the FFFFeed. These guidelines may be updated in the future if needed.

Forbidden diet talk includes:

  • Discussing total weight lost
  • Favorite diet plans
  • Diet plans that have worked for you
  • Personal caloric intake details
  • Personal caloric expenditure details
  • Suggesting weight loss to anyone for any reason
  • Suggesting weight loss surgery to anyone for any reason
  • Suggesting weight loss for another person as a means of improving health

Permitted diet talk (with relevant rating) includes:

  • Discussions of the science of weight loss, pro or con
  • Why you have dieted in the past
  • The struggle to not diet
  • Why you have decided to begin losing weight
  • The fear of gaining weight
  • The siren song of weight loss
  • Weight loss/dieting culture

These guidelines apply to both ends of the weight spectrum. If you are discussing your experience of weight loss and wish to include specific information, such as starting and ending weights, BMIs, dress sizes, etc., you must put NUMBERS ALERT at the top of your comment to give those who are uncomfortable with such details an opportunity to bypass your comment.

Any comments that violate these rules will first be directed to this page to understand our policy. A second violation will be immediately deleted. This is not a punishment or a reflection of your contributions to the community. It is merely an enforcement of our “no weight loss evangelism” policy. If you have questions as to why your comment was deleted, you may contact us at fiercefatties@hotmail.com and we will be happy to discuss it with you.